Hello there,
It's my first game and my first LD. I made this (probably a game) with my friends, did lots of mistakes and had lots of fun in progress. I used not very appropriate technology for my game, I used CraftyJS for canvas stuff (learned in the process) and Semantic UI for UI. I think its much easier to use Unity, UE or any feature-rich editor not just a little js-lib. Anyway, what do we have here:
- Theme "The more you have, the worse it is"
- Game about NOT picking up bad habits
- Strange rock/metal music (checkout grindcore stuff in dying screen)
- Strange sprites and color scheme
- Strange embedding on itchio (my mistake)
- Strange spaghetti code made by myself, you can check it out too.
- Strange item spawn system (just random), so there are lots of situation where you can't avoid a "bonus".
- There are some bugs tho, probably will fix them and probably will fix the whole game (: